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GROVELAND DRIVE // TKTR Architects w/ Thad Reeves, AIA

Located in the Little Forest Hills area of Dallas, the Groveland House was expressed as a small home amongst nature for a client that is an avid gardener. With the client and the outdoor character in mind, the home was designed around several large trees and distinctive garden areas, giving each room within the house a specific relationship to the site through the use of varying sizes of fenestration and material application as a backdrop for the landscape. The relationship between the interior and exterior is most evident in the expression of the two story polycarbonate wall, filling the corresponding stairwell and public space beyond with natural light throughout the day. The use of daylight and organization of massing further lends itself to the sustainable nature of the home, providing indirect sunlight to active areas of the home. Additionally, the house utilizes the play between solid and void as a means of framing specific views, while controlling the amount of direct sunlight that enters the private spaces.

ARCHITECT | TKTR Architects w/ Thad Reeves, AIA

PROJECT DESIGN TEAM | Thad Reeves, AIA + Truett Roberts